Here are some common questions about LipSense, the vast Senegence product range & about Vizzy Cosmetics

What is in LipSense®?

LipSense is

  • Lead FREE
  • Wax FREE
  • Gluten FREE
  • Animal Cruelty FREE

LipSense® and all our Shea butter glosses are Vegan (no animal emulsifiers or animal by-products) and nothing is is ever tested on animals. 

How do I apply LipSense?


How do you take LipSense OFF?

Our most common question. 

Oops Remover is used to correct mistakes and remove LipSense at end of day.

Apply on lips, wait 1 minute, then remove gently with Makeup pad.


Oops remover is part of the Starter Kit, which is recommended for first time users of LipSense. 


Visit our How To Video link for demonstration.


Do I need the Gloss?

LipSense Gloss is specially formulated to seal the Colour and hydrate your lips with Vitamin E and Shea Butter.


Gloss can be used throughout the day to prolong the life of the colour & keep your lips healthy


How long does one tube of LipSense last?

When one colour is used every day , applying 3 thin layers, the lip colour lasts 4 – 6 months


Why does it tingle?

Are your lips dry or cracked? especially over the colder winter months.

LipSense contains SD40 Alcohol-a cosmetic grade alcohol that, once applied, evaporates & leaves the pigment behind to adhere to your lips. It also cleans bacteria, wax residue and dead skin from your lips.

If your lips are dry or chapped, the alcohol may cause a tingling sensation, but once the gloss is applied, the tingle will subside.

But dont despair, the  glosses which come with LipSense provides hydration to heal your lips. After the exfoliation process ends, your lips will be healthier than ever!

You can use Gloss rather than a chapstick , it works better.  Your lips will never be as healthy if you use Gloss everyday. 

For any questions , contact me. See below.


Demo & Party
How can I demo & try the products?

If you are located in Sydney , you are more than welcome to come to my showroom to try all the Senegence range – from LipSense colours to skincare. 

Also, if you are in Sydney I can come to your place, face to face , and I can demo the products for you over a coffee or wine. No obligation to buy.


If you are not in Sydney, I do provide a 100% money back & satisfaction guarantee.


Contact details below





Can I host a home party or Facebook Party?

Yes, why not.


You as the host obtain great free gifts ( Nude brush set) and great discounts on all the LipSense & Senegence range.

I can come to your home & i bring all my testers

or if you like to stay in your pyjamas,  I can host a live Facebook party – whereby I talk to you & your guests ( who have special link to view/join video) to view my Live facebook video party.  The host receives the same free gifts as a normal house party.


Contact me below 


Become a Distributor

How do I become a Distributor?

Membership costs are only $55 per year (+$10 just in the first year to cover postage of your business kit – this is more for people who choose to run this as a business).  

If you decide to become a distributor  and sell the products under your own business name or facebook page 😊,full training is provided including product and business training. You also have support from myself and you will be part of my personal distributor Facebook group whereby we help each other out( weekly meetings, video sessions, tips etc) 

Sign up is instant and you can commence purchasing your own products at wholesale pricing immediately.. Delivery of your items normal takes just a few days. 

Sign up is instant and easy and only takes a minute: 

Just head to: 

Learn about my new career, earning money from home & maintaining my lifestyle.
Even if you dont want to sell, by becoming a member , you can purchase any Senegence products at 20% off. So if you are a regular buyer & LOVE LipSense , a $55 investment will save you $$$ in 1 year.

Payment & Shipping

What payment methods can I use?

You can purchase any products by Paypal or Credit card via our Senesite.

If you would like to pay by Bank Transfer or cash , please Facebook message me Below or email





How long does shipping take?

Once payment is received it will take 3-6 business days.

Products are sent via australia Post.


If you would like items to be express Post please contact me .



What if I dont like my Senegence products?

We offer a 100% money back guarentee. If you don’t like it, please return it, & I will return your money 🙂

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please contact me on vizzycosmetics@outlook.com, 

or send a Facebook message

022032051 041